The Kitchen Domination Class is an Online Cooking Class: If you want to improve your skills in the kitchen this course is for you.

* Course Includes

Kitchen Vision- Module 1

Kitchen vision is essential to your success because it improves your overall flow in the kitchen by planning out all your steps to creating a successful dish.
  • P.R.E.P.
  • Reading a Recipe
  • Trusting Your Senses
  • Fire Safety
  • Sanitation

Bonus –

  • Time Temp Danger Zone Chart,
  • Temperature for cooked foods chart,
  • Measurement cheat sheet

Knife Skills Course Layout- Module 2

If you’re going to improve your skills in the kitchen this is one area you don’t want to short cut. Every time you cook you use a knife even if it’s just to butter bread. Improvement in knife skills will build your confidence and help you move faster in the kitchen.
  • Knife Safety
  • How to cut fruits and vegetables
  • How to cut herbs
  • How to cut meats and seafood

Bonus –

  • Knife Chart

Executing a Meal- Module 3

Time to cook and put those knife skills to good use. Let’s cook!
  • Chef Flip
  • How to make Roux’s
  • Chicken Stir Fry Baked Potato


  • Cooking Techniques Chart

Recipe Conversions - Module 4

Sometimes you find yourself cooking for two, other times you find yourself cooking for a village. When put to the test you need to know how to transform your favorite romantic recipes into meals for a family.  And vice versa you may be comfortable cooking for a family and need to know how to recreate your favorite family dish into a single serving. We’ll look at the most efficient methods and rules for recipe conversion.
  • Convert recipes from large to small
  • Covert recipes from small to large

Guilty Pleasures - Module 5

Healthy is a frame of mind. A lifestyle. But I firmly believe that life just isn’t that fun unless you break the rules from time to time. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too LIED!
  • Buttermilk Chicken Risotto
  • Black Bean Brownie

Dinner Party - Module 6

Now, that you’ve improved your confidence and speed in the kitchen it’s time to invite some friends over to show off your skills. I regularly do dinner parties for clients and have fun customizing menus that give everybody positive and lasting food memories. It’s your turn to do the same!
  • Time to Host a Dinner Party

Bonus –

  • Canva Menu Examples

Product Name: Kitchen Domination Course